KEDA hydraulic keeps a tight grip on epidemic prevention!

abstract: One hand to grasp the safety and the other to grasp the production, for the "war of epidemic" responsibility!
On February 10, 2020,  KEDA CLEAN ENERGY as one of the first batch of enterprises meeting the requirements for the resumption of work for epidemic prevention, officially resumed work on the basis of the prevention and control of the epidemic.
According to the principle of "resuming work step by step", keda hydraulic is gradually resuming work. According to the notice, the KEDA guidelines for employees to return to work during the "coronavirus epidemic" ,in GuangDong province, the healthy employees who have not left foshan during the epidemic period should come back to work on February 10 .The employees returning from outside guangdong province should be quarantined for 7 days. The employees in key epidemic areas must need standby and waiting for the specific resumption of work notice.


On the first day of the resumption of work, all departments of the company were embattled. Earlier, the company has purchased epidemic masks from various countries that including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and China. At present,the company has ordered more than 120,000 of them and distribut them to employees every day to ensure that all employees in the company are fully protected. 1.5 tons of disinfectant, alcohol, bleach and other disinfectant materials for daily cleaning and disinfection to ensure the safety of the public environment. 
All gates of the company and isolation rooms are equipped with electronic thermometers, erery person must be monitored before enter the gate to ensure the safety of the campany.  On the first day of operation,employees drove to work or rode bicycles. In front of the factory, they voluntarily stopped in line and waited patiently for the temperature test, and then made information registration before entering the company. 

In the workshop and office, the staff strictly wear masks, in accordance with the relevant regulations for production and office. Useing telephone communication and video conference to reduce face-to-face communication.The meeting place should also be kept ventilated and disinfected. Participants should wear masks and be separated by more than 1 meter. 

We disinfect the factory and offices several times a day to ensure the health safety and public hygiene of  the employees. Hand washing basins, hand sanitizers and hand washing instructions are set up at all doorways of public places and living areas to ensure hand-washing in accordance with professional instructions. 

At noon,employees have meals in the different time periods in order to  relieve the pressure of dining and avoid cross-infection, KEDA CLEAN ENERGY canteen meal system is adjusted to "package meal system,  canteen meal rotation system".Office managers bring their own lunch boxes to the office dining.Each workshop take turns to arrange employees to the canteen dining. Employees who eat in the cafeteria line up in the dining room to avoid eating face to face. 

In addition, all employees must report the "KEDA employee daily" (online on February 1, 2020) to ensure that there is no leakage of personnel monitoring and management. KEDA CLEAN ENERGY keeps close communication with the audit bureau of ShunDe district, ChenCun government, town economic bureau, ChenCun chamber of commerce and industrial park, declared and implemented every epidemic prevention policy, notification requirements and operational guidelines issued by the government, and coordinats the allocation of materials in shortage for epidemic prevention. Reports the epidemic situation of quarantined employees and their families in the quarantined area every day, and receives professional knowledge and guidance from the government.



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